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Professionals envisaged on a journey to develop grow and give back to the game of golf.

Set up in 2010, Ultimate Golf Pvt Ltd was a brainchild of Sundeep Verma and Pritam Saikia, in the past 7 years of existence it has become the industry leader in the coaching and performance business of golf. The company has is also well recognized in the India as well as internationally.
Our crown jewel is the Ultimate performance centre in Qutab Golf Club Delhi, It is a one-stop experience for the lovers and beginners of the game, where coaches and mentors are available 24/7 *365 days for golfers of all levels!;

The Ultimate Golf Academy

Go through the latest articles and lessons by our head coach. Will help players of each skill level.

ChangeYour PointOf View

Even a faulty swing can look good The best analogy for swing analysis

The Ultimate Swing Changes

Focusing on the fundamentals to establish a solid, consistent golf swing!



The Big Fix

Go through the latest articles and lessons by our head coach. Will help players of each skill level.

ChangeYour PointOf View

Even a faulty swing can look good The best analogy for swing analysis

Lead With The Wrists

It's a straightforward logic: different clubs have different lofts which hit the ball in the air.

Turn works, dip doesn't

If you watch some of the top players, you'll notice their left shoulder often comes right below the chin at the top

Ditch The 'Snatch And The Lift'

It might work in weightlifting, but trying to �snatch and lift� the club in the takeaway will do nothing for your golf swing.

Drop Anchor

The most fundamental difference in the modern golf swing vis-�- vis the way it was taught a few decades ago is the role of the body.

Steady Does It

Alot of amateurs tend to take too narrow a stance to enable a fuller turn of the torso in the golf swing.

Our Coaches

Group of professionals driven to improve your swing and all the aspects of the game

Sundeep Verma

Founder & Player Mentor

Pritam Saikia

Partner & Head Teaching Pro

Karanbir Singh

Asst Coach and Fitness Specialist

Rishi Raj Saini

Asst Coach and Pro

Lalit Singh

Asst Coach

Mohit Sharma

Asst Tournament Director

Amit Singh

Operations and Vendor Management

Dr Ankita Malhotra

Player Conditioning & Health

Col I.S Verma

Operations and Rules


Proshop Manager

People Reviews

Excellent service! I'm a novice and wanted some expert assistance in selecting my first REAL set of clubs. Jack provided outstanding recommendations and even taught me a few things you just can't get from reading club reviews. They'll even let you hit some balls with their indoor range and hitting software to make sure the clubs you buy feel right for you. You won't find service like this at franchise sporting goods stores like Dicks and Sports Authority. Thanks guys!!

- Jacob A -

This place is run by the best. Jack helped me out with a new set of irons, driver, and putter. They had the best deal around on the clubs I wanted, and then even discounted each item 10% when I checked out. Custom fit was no extra charge, and he knew I wanted to play the next day so he finished up the extension to my putter within the hour. After that type of service, Ultimate Golf is the only place I'll go.

- EricK. -

Wow what a golf experience. From the time you arrive complimentary coffee tea and biscuits . Check in easy as they have your details . We played west course slightly easier then east . Halfway house good . Sitting on the veranda after golf very relaxing . A great course a must play if you are a golfer.

- AlanMendy -

Our Tournaments



Digvijay Singh Junior Golf Challenge

West Bengal,India


SSP Chawrasia Junior Golf Challenge



Digvijay Singh Junior Golf Challenge



Jyoti Randhawa Junior Golf Championship



Manish Dhyanchand Memorial Junior Golf Challenge



The Ultimate Haryana Junior golf tournament



The Ultimate Golf Delhi Challenge



Manish Dhyanchand Memorial Junior Golf Championship



The Ultimate Golf Panchkula challenge



The Ultimate Golf Maharastra



The Ultimate Golf Hyderabad Challenge-2018



The Ultimate Golf Bangalore Challenge



The Ultimate Golden Challenge



The Ultimate Classic Challenge